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Posted on: May 22, 2009 4:49 pm

Nice confidence in the Nuggets, Stan Kroenke

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It's been resolved, as everyone knew it would, but the snafu the folks associated with the Pepsi Center had with booking WWE’s “Monday Night RAW” for the same time as the Nuggets are to be ousting the Lakers in a playoff game, is noteworthy on a couple levels.  First, it's not like the Pepsi Center and the Nuggets have little to do with each other.  The Nuggets are the Pepsi Center's primary tenant.  Even worse, the owner of the Nuggets, Stan Kroenke, also owns the Pepsi Center.

Now, there's virtually no way the lawyers who drew up this contract could have known the Nuggets would be playing a game on May 25, but it is pretty interesting how, apparently, even the possibility of such a thing happening did not cross their mind because there is nothing--as in NOTHING--are what would happen in the event the Nuggets--who are, remember, the primary tenant, had a game which posed a scheduling conflict.

Evidently, the idea of the Nuggets getting to the Conference Finals was ridiculous, so why bother putting in a provision in the contract that would cover such a contingency.

That's got to make the Nuggets feel good, knowing the owner has their back.


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